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#2 Goals

August 17, 2017

    Goals! Always believe in goals! (Sorry.)

    A life without direction can be a confusing place. One of the hardest tasks can be taking accountability for your own contribution towards achieving what you desire. Choosing action over procrastination is not always the easier option, yet being motivated and directed in what you do, goes a long way in reaching that all important finish line.

    Every year I compile two lists: long term and short term goals.

    I find this a great way to motivate and energise myself, envisioning what I desire, plus creating the action steps as to how I can achieve my desires. Often, my short term goals do feed into my long term ones, ensuring that I am motivated and focused, even during slow or unproductive days.

    As I have continued to develop my goals, over time, they have interestingly shifted in their focus. I no longer solely concentrate on my professional development, ensuring I include personal well-being goals, breaks and holidays as rewards, plus I have valued my most precious resource – my time – more over the last few years.

    Here are a few things I have learned along the way:

    1. Choose your direction with affection – simply love what you do. Never waste time trying to invest in a situation or outcome that does not excite you, as you will struggle to achieve your goal. No matter how self-indulgent or unrealistic that goal may seem at that time. One goal that has been on my long term list for the last three years will be fulfilled in the summer of 2018 – I cannot wait!
    2. Be open to new and unexpected opportunities – there may be a few, exciting surprises along the way! Try not to rule out opportunities when they are presented to you, even if they do not ‘fit’ or ‘match’ your preconceived idea as to how you should fulfill your desired goal. Magically, you may find you attract in the most wonderful opportunity that surpasses any of your previous thoughts. Accept it and enjoy the journey.
    3. Be flexible – be aware of ‘curveballs’ and ‘potholes’ that may bend or bump you unexpectedly. Some of these could be major deal breakers; however, I feel that these situations lend themselves to some profound personal growth – even if it might feel like the bitterest pill, at the time. In the long term, these will benefit you more, making that goal, even sweeter once fulfilled.
    4. Acknowledge your progress – no matter how small, every day. Keeping a positive mind set is crucial in maintaining your journey to success. Keeping a journal really helps this process – maybe only one sentence a day, but you will see the improvements, placing more thoughts and reflections on paper as you positively progress.
    5. Be your own best friend – nobody will verbally ‘beat you up’ or ‘berate you’ as much as you will. Positive self-talk that reassures you is what you need here – plus a glass of wine!
    6. Celebrate your successes – people often do not celebrate their achievements. We are frighteningly good at not congratulating others, never mind ourselves, at times. Be bold – you’re brilliant. Celebrate it.
    7. An attitude of gratitude – thank you is the most powerful phrase when working towards your own goals. Sometimes, I feel such embarrassment if I have forgotten to thank anyone who has helped me, in any capacity. It is one of the worst feelings in the world.
    8. Go the extra mile with a smile – a happy face will put you ahead of the race, along with your killer work ethic!

    The more I have practised this method, the more I love it.

    What are your tips for success?



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