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Festivals, Fairy Wings and being ‘over’ 40

May 15, 2017

    Coachella is on the ‘Hit List’, don’t get me wrong.

    Patiently bulging with Cali-cool, my closet sits in anticipation for the moment I venture over the pond to indulge my inner universal child with sprinkles of vegan cheese flakes and other insta-glory moments. It has taken me years to ‘collate’ those denim hot pants and marantesque booties!

    There’s only one issue here – I am probably considered the ‘wrong’ side of forty.

    Well, not in my mind.

    Although I am concerned that there is a distinct lack of body positive, life-affirming images of women ‘over’ 40 doing their own thing at any festival, never mind one of the most iconic. Why wouldn’t any person who is enjoying themselves, having fun and reaffirming life not be the most inspiring, engaging image? Are the only memories worth peering into those that belong to the millennials? Granted, they have a very different youth, with far more choice, an abundance of social media resources and a raft of super cool opportunities to embrace.

    I am so ‘over’ the whole ‘over 40’ tag.

    All of the most amazing women (and men) I know are so over 40! Thank god!



    Besides, I truly believe that youth really does not have any age.

    As Coachella is a little out of my grasp this year, I am off to Port Eliot, plus a few other festivals this year. Will I be in the minority? Hell, no! Those Millennials are so tame, even though they are the thoroughbred race horses of our civilization! They work hard, yet we seem to party more.

    See you in the circus tent – denim hot pants optional!




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  • Reply Penny May 28, 2017 at 8:23 pm

    I’d love to go to Coachella! We could go together. x

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