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Hell, yes! For your wellness

July 28, 2017

    Over the past few years, my awareness of ‘wellness’ has altered dramatically.

    And I do not think I am the only person experiencing such a ‘shift’ in their perception of their everyday existence.

    Taking care of yourself is an essential part of leading a happy, balanced life, without feeling guilty for prioritising yourself over others’ needs, at times. Afterall, if you cannot take care of yourself, how might you take care of others?

    Here are my top 5 ‘game changers when it comes to personal care and wellness:

    1. Diet

    One of my most rewarding shifts concerned my diet.

    Ten years ago, I became dairy -free which improved my health considerably. After a hardcore cold turkey period, I found brighter skin, reduced love handles and clearer lungs a welcomed improvement. Soya milk (this was pre-nut milk, unfortunately) became my saviour and herbal teas found a home in my kitchen.
    Two years ago, I became vegan. For week. For a month, For a year. I never looked back – hand on heart – the best lifestyle choice I have made. As veganism becomes more mainstream, more accepted and less ‘alternative’, more people have been encouraged to examine their food choices, as we can no longer ignore the links between food choices and long term health.
    As more vegan products available in the mainstream supermarkets, a diet without nasty chemicals, hormones and poisons becomes a realistic, affordable choice, for all.

    2. Exercise

    Movement is good.

    From aerobics in the 90s to yoga and meditation today, exercise fads have taken varied forms – some more flattering than others!
    Hauling your arse off the sofa is the first step in the right direction. Finding a class or activity that you love is the next. Having read many posts on the benefits of yoga, I rocked up to my first class completely alone, slightly nervous, very excited, yet sure I was about to create something very positive in my life. I still cannot thank Jess and Sarah enough for all of their amazing classes, encouragement and openness over the past few years.
    Taking the first step can be tricky – but the glow and the sense of fulfilment afterwards make it all more than worth while.

    3. Attitude of Gratitude

    The art of appreciation is one of the essential tools in life.

    Two words can make a whole process so much easier – more enjoyable – than just ‘plugging away’ at a task or situation. Creating a sense of positivity builds a better experience for all, even if your back is metaphorically against the wall.
    For this past lesson, I am still exceptionally grateful.

    4. Boundaries

    It is perfectly acceptable to decline requests – no is a positive word when it comes to preserving a work/life balance.
    Review your day – when are you most productive? Can you work more during these periods?
    Stick to your rules, as being ‘true to you’ is a golden rule, in my book. Pushing boundaries happens in our everyday lives, impacting on our health, both mentally and physically.
    Personally, I don’t think it is ever worth it.

    5. What is meant for you will not pass you by

    This is true!
    If it’s not right, isn’t working out or does not fulfil you, then do not be afraid of change.
    Let it go – welcome what is new.

    In short: taking care of you is the best ou can do!

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