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One dress, two sisters, three shots and a whole load of cringe-worthy fun

August 7, 2017

    It all started innocently enough – ‘Let’s take some blog photos!’

    After a cocktail laden, girly bop of an evening out, we awoke to a wonderous idea – let’s not only collect the car from last night but let’s take some blog pictures, too. Yes, why not? It is only 7:30 am, after all. On a Sunday.

    Now, I have never been the most comfortable in front of a camera. Feeling way out of my comfort zone, in a gorgeous Boden sun glasses print sundress, at 9:30 am, pre-coffee, was not how I thought this experience would unfold.

    Nevertheless. seduced by the morning sun, quiet streets and no passers by, we proceeded to unleash our inner David Bailey upon the world.

    God, how I admire professional photographers! Such patience, such composition, such energy! Thank you, Penny, for your patience, encouragement and for keeping a very straight face.

    I think we can safely say that I learnt a few valuable lessons:

    1. Do not lift skirt when running towards the camera. This might seem like a very good idea at the time, yet it will not turn out as envisioned. You will be mortified.

    2. Wear underwear that actually does something, such as lifting the bust line. Hoick ’em up, at least. You are still mortified.

    3. Sometimes, the back shot is the most interesting. I see a great potential is behind me! You will feel a huge relief wash over you. Your arse is now your best feature.

    All joking aside, I would love to enthuse about Boden’s lovely sun dress that I snapped up in their clearance sale. Super feminine, stylish and soft – a real joy to wear.

    Dress: Boden’s Lara dress

    Wedges: Kurt Geiger’s Paulina wedges

    Penny’s blog: Penny’s Lane


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